Put Wednesday 22nd November 2017 in your calendar because this is when Chancellor Philip Hammond will be presenting his Budget to the House of Commons.

No longer an Autumn Statement, the Budget has a new place in the political calendar, with the cold and dark winter months hopefully not providing the theme for any planned announcements.

With Brexit negotiations in full swing (?), this Budget offers Hammond and the government an opportunity to bring some certainty to the table for British businesses and, hopefully, set for the tone for how Britain will remain an attractive place to live and work following our divorce from the EU.

Due to a wafer thin working majority, with the Tories propped up in government by the DUP, we don't expect to see anything too radical in this Budget, although the perennial issue of adult social care still needs addressing.

As always, Informed Choice will be publishing a 10-page Budget briefing note for our clients and professional contacts, as soon as the Budget is finished and we can finish writing down our initial thoughts.