This is an interesting piece which highlights how many pension transfers are still likely to involve scammers.

With the government planning to introduce a ban on cold calling relating to pensions, at some as yet undetermined point in the future, we need to all remain vigilant to the scammers and their tricks.

As Jackie Warwick identifies in this article, the involvement of unauthorised advisers in the pension transfer process is a big red flag.

These unauthorised advisers need to involve an authorised adviser (an IFA) to legitimise the transfer, but in many cases the investor has never had direct contact or even met the IFA who signed off the advice.

If you ever find yourself in a similar position, please stop and think about what you are putting at risk.

Your pension fund is probably the second largest asset you own (after the value of your home) and the decisions you make can be irrevocable.

If in doubt, speak to a suitably qualified and fully authorised (by the Financial Conduct Authority) independent financial planner who can give you a second opinion.