With the general election coming up later this week, issues of wealth and inequality feature in the debate.

New research by Britain Thinks and Indeed has found that you need to earn £134,170 a year in order to be considered wealthy.

This level of income is around five times the average national wage of £28,000 a year.

Among younger people, perceptions of wealth kicks in at £80,000 a year, with 60% of younger people asked claiming this level is where being rich starts.

On average though, only 44% of workers considered someone earning £80,000 a year being wealthy.

The survey also found regional variations, with £91,681 claimed as the start of wealth in Wales, compared with £162,844 in the South East of England.

What does it take to be wealthy?

The old adage "it's not what you earn but what you keep" rings true, with higher earners often committing a very high proportion of their net income to big mortgage payments, private school fees and generally keeping up with the Joneses.

If being wealthy is your aim, then Financial Planning is a must to properly quantify your goals in life and put in place a clear plan to achieve them.