Family lawyers are calling on the various political parties to modernise divorce laws ahead of the general election.

Resolution, representing a group of around 6,500 family lawyers, wants political parties to commit to four proposals in their manifestos.

These proposals are providing cohabiting couples basic legal rights; ensuring fair access to  the family justice system; giving people more financial clarity on divorce; and introducing no-fault divorce.

The introduction of a no-fault divorce option is particularly interesting, as under the current system a limited number of grounds for divorce are available.

The recent high profile case of Tini Owens, who was refused a divorce from her husband of 40 years on the grounds of unreasonable behaviour, raised new calls for a no-fault divorce option.

Having to cite unreasonable behaviour or adultery as grounds for divorce can result in unnecessary conflict, reducing the chances of amicably agreeing on children and financial issues.

It will be interesting to see what the political parties include within their manifestos on this issue.