In a hint at a possible Conservative party manifesto pledge, The Times is reporting speculation of a lifetime cap on care fees at £85,000.

It's a less generous lifetime cap than previously offered at £72,000 and subsequently deferred until 2020.

We await further details on the pledge and funding put in place to make this possible.

If it follows the same structure as originally proposed by Sir Andrew Dilnot as part of his review, then it would not cover so-called 'hotel costs' such as food and lodging. 

As a result, relatively few people would ever benefit from the lifetime cap, as it would take many years for social care costs alone to reach the £85,000 limit.

What will be particularly interesting to see is whether the threshold for means testing is increased from its current level of £23,250. 

The threshold was due to rise to a more generous £123,000 back in 2016, but this measure was also deferred until 2020. 

If the lifetime cap is introduced and the means testing threshold is raised, then local authorities will need a lot more central government funding in order to avoid a crisis in adult social care provision.