Scammers want to get their hands on your pension pot. 

Despite a successful campaign to ban pension cold calling, created by a Financial Planner and supported by the IFA community, the government is yet to make this nefarious practice illegal.

According to The Money Advice Service, some 250 million pension cold calls take place each year.

These cold call often make the offer of a 'free' pension review. When the victim accepts this offer, the process of liberating them from ownership of their hard earned pension value begins.

This week, ITV Tonight featured a programme exploring some of the consequences of pension cold calling, including one veteran who lost everything after being convinced to transfer his final salary pension benefits to dodgy investments; the Detroit housing market and ethical forests in Costa Rica.

If someone calls you out of the blue, offering to review your pension, just say no.

There's no such thing as a free lunch. Anyone offering to review your pension for 'free' is simply trying to get access to your cash so they can extract high charges.

Go with these cold callers and you are likely to end up in dodgy, esoteric, overseas investment schemes which put your pension cash at serious risk of loss.