One of my guilty pleasures is watching TED Talks. 

These influential videos from expert speakers cover a variety of subjects across education, business, science, tech and creativity.

Finding a few spare minutes during the Bank Holiday weekend, I watched an interview between TED founder Chris Anderson and technologist Elon Musk.

Only a few years ago, people might have considered Musk to be crazy. His ambitions were (and still are!) well above those of most humans.

Yet he has had extraordinary success, bringing electric cars into the mainstream through his leadership of Tesla Motors and, more recently, developing the 'Powerwall'; a home battery which integrates with solar power for reliable storage of this renewable energy.

Could new developments like this spell the end for fossil fuels? Probably, but maybe not just yet.

As this article in the FT explains, timing a move out of fossil fuel investments could prove tricky. 

Too early and you risk missing out on continued growth opportunities. Too late and you risk losing your investment as the resources become worthless, replaced by clean energy options.