In a slightly bizarre twist yesterday, the government was busy opposing various clauses in its own Finance Bill.

The snap election called by Theresa May last week has resulted in the government running out of time to push through the legislation needed to introduce new rules.

72 of the 135 clauses were removed from the Finance Bill, the amended version of which was then rushed through parliament.

Missing from the cut-down Finance Bill were the planned dividend tax-free allowance cut from £5,000 to £2,000 next April, measures to charge inheritance tax on UK property held in offshore trusts, and plans to 'make tax digital'. 

Also deleted from the Bill was the cut in the Money Purchase Annual Allowance, from £10,000 to £4,000, which had already come into force at the start of this tax year.

We are waiting for more information on how this will now be treated.

All of the measures do however appear to have been deferred, not deleted. 

Assuming the Conservative party win this election (and all signs suggest they are on track for a landslide victory) then it's their intention to implement the postponed measures at the earliest possible opportunity at the start of the next parliament.

Watch out though for any manifesto promises which emerge in the following weeks which differ from the deleted Finance Bill clauses. 

We expect to see a few policy changes during this election campaign; despite the strong poll lead, there are definitely areas where they will want to strengthen their position.