A genuine lack of time to create new legislation or a spot of early electioneering?

That's the question with the news a planned hike to probate fees has been abandoned ahead of the snap election in June.

Probate fees were due to rise, to as much as £20,000 in some cases, from their current level of £155 or £215.

Many saw the planned rises as a 'stealth tax' rather than a genuine fee increase.

With less than two months to go before the general election on 8th June, The Ministry of Justice has announced there wasn't enough time to get the requisite legislation through Parliament.

However, it is likely the higher probate fees will still come into force if the Tories are re-elected.

It will be interesting to see whether inheritance tax features in party manifestos over the coming days and weeks, or whether the Conservatives are hoping this stealth tax quickly fades from the collective memory of voters.