Theresa May has called a 'snap' general election for Thursday 8th June 2017.

The proposal requires the vote of two-thirds of MPs, a vote which will take place tomorrow and Labour have already said they will support.

Announcing her plans for a snap election, May positioned it as a way to ensure a smooth Brexit process.

She is clearly confident it will be a landslide victory for the Tories. 

Opinion polls published over the weekend show a huge lead for the Conservative party in every region and on every subject, with the exception of the NHS.

So what does this snap election mean for your investments?

Ahead of May's announcement in Downing Street this morning, Pound Sterling fell sharply in anticipation of news about military action in Syria or even North Korea. Once the election was announced, it quickly bounced back and posted gains for the day.

Depending on how the opinion polls move during the next six weeks, investment markets could prove to be a little volatile.

In the long-term however, elections have little impact on investor sentiment and should not be cause to change your strategy.

It could be argued that a stronger Brexit negotiating position will result in a better outcome for the British economy, and this will be good for investors.

And of course this British general election comes at a similar time to elections in France and Germany, the results of which could also influence sentiment. 

With Trump and the US posturing on Syria (Russia) and North Korea (China), domestic politics here in the UK are fairly inconsequencial as far as global investment markets are concerned.