We've all been tempted to stash some cash under the mattress, but this story takes that concept to a whole new level!

Ron (who sensibly keeps his last name a secret) buried £850,000 of gold in his large back garden.

Since buying and burying the gold, it's gone up in value - and now he's dug some of it up, to help a granddaughter buy her first home.

Now clearly hiding this much treasure on your property involves a great deal of risk. Even keeping gold in a safe in your home would require a decent insurance policy, in case it was discovered and stolen.

But if you're going to invest in gold, then it seems to make sense to hold it as a physical asset, rather than electronic ones and zeros on a computer somewhere.

After all, gold is primarily designed as a store of value in case of a major catastrophe, at which time no doubt accessing your wealth would be impossible unless you could do so with a spade and treasure map.