Sir Andrew Dilnot has used a Resolution Foundation lecture to call for funding of a new, non-means tested, social care guarantee.

Dilnot led a commission which reviewed government funding of adult social care in England, originally proposing the current means test upper limit be raised from £23,250 to £118,000.

This measure was due to come into force last April, but has been delayed until April 2020.

Now he's upping the ante by criticising Britain’s social care system as “the most pernicious means-test in the whole of the British welfare state”.

The figures mentioned in this article are fairly shocking; despite an average need for social care worth £20,000, 10% of the population have much higher costs.

The Guardian includes an example of a couple with arthritis needing residential care for the last 20 years of their life needing care costing more than £1m.

The adult social care funding debate is set to continue and Dilnot's latest intervention could place real pressure on the government to take some meaningful action.