The Department of Health has announced a reduction in the NHS-funded nursing care rate for 2017 to 2018.

The standard rate is being reduced from 1st April 2017 from £156.25 to £155.05 a week.

This follows a review of agency costs carried out by Mazars LLP. The same review process last year resulted in a 40% increase in the contribution rate, so the reduction this year is not too serious in the long-term scheme of things.

It's interesting to note that the Department of Health plans to consult on the introduction of a regional rate of NHS-funded nursing care ahead of future rate change announcements.

Regional rates for NHS-funded nursing care could better reflect local cost variations and might help to ease pressure on this aspect of NHS funding.

The Department of Health also reported that the higher rate of NHS-funded nursing care is being reduced, to £213.32 a week, although this is only available to those people who already received the higher rate in 2007, when the new standard rate single band was introduced.