My comments were featured in The Times this weekend, within an ISA investing special. 

I explained that low interest rates are making cash an unattractive option for people who need an income from their assets.

The combination of low interest rates and rising price inflation means that the buying power of cash is likely to be eroded over time.

One option to consider is moving from cash to a portfolio of income generating investments. This is not however a move to be taken lightly.

Rising price inflation means there is a risk associated with keeping your money in cash. But moving that cash to a portfolio of investments exposes it to other risks, including the risk of capital loss.

If you are comfortable with the risk levels involved, have the capacity to accept the risk and need to take the risk in order to meet your financial goals, then moving from cash to income generating investments is something to consider.

Later in The Times article I explain that, despite their very low yields, gilts and corporate bonds continue to play an important role in a well diversified investment portfolio for income investing.

Investors are becoming increasingly wary about the threat of rising interest rates and the impact this would have on their bond investments, so the use of fixed income securities should be approached carefully and with professional independent financial advice.