This article in the Guardian is excellent and recommended reading for anyone approaching retirement.

We often tell people that retirement planning is about so much more than money.

Yes, having the necessary income in place to support your life in retirement is essential. 

But the often unanswered question as people embark on this stage of life is how they will live a fulfilled retirement.

There are some real gems in this article which match our experience retirement planning with clients.

Finding the balance between atrophy and activity is a struggle for many. 

Do too little and retirement can lack a sense of purpose. Do too much and it quickly becomes an exhausting, overwhelming existence.

The four elements of a successful retirement (in addition to the money bit) are important to plan for - your social network, having a purpose and challenging your mind, ongoing personal development, and having fun.

Where it comes back round to money is the need to have a financial plan in place to support the life you want to lead in retirement.

When you come to see us at Informed Choice to discuss your plans for retirement, expect us to talk about much more than simply the value of your pension pot or how much income you need. 

Our role as Financial Planners has become holistic in respect of retirement planning and we can contribute to helping you live the fulfilled retirement you really want.