The basket of goods and services used to calculate price inflation is changing.

The latest updates made by the ONS see the addition of dairy-free milk, gin, cycling helmets and jigsaws for adults.

Leaving the inflation basket were basic mobile phone handsets (we all use smartphones now instead), menthol cigarettes and children's swings.

There are around 700 goods and services in the virtual basket, which the ONS uses as the basis for collecting 180,000 individual prices from around the country.

The price inflation figures they publish are based on the change in the average cost of this inflation basket each month.

In recent years, it has been too easy to ignore price inflation, which has been consistently below the Bank of England target of 2%.

With price inflation starting to rise, we are reminded of its importance within the financial planning process and how it can erode the buying power of income over time.

The additions and removals from the inflation basket today also serve as a reminder that the inflation figures published by the ONS are only an average; in reality, few of us buy exactly the same goods and services as those we can find in the basket.

When was the last time you bought a bottle of gin, bicycle helmet and adult jigsaw?