We've heard warnings of an adult social care crisis for years, but this new report from Age UK takes those warnings to a whole new level.

According to the charity, around 12 million over 65s are not getting the basic care and support they need.

Worse still, the adult social care system is at risk of "complete collapse" in some parts of the country, as a result of vulnerable people getting no support at all.

Age UK found that 1.2 million people aged 65 and over are not receiving the assistance they need to feed, bathe or dress.

This is up 18% on last year and represents a 48% increase since 2010.

The charity thinks an extra £4.8bn a year is needed to make sure each individual with one or more unmet need gets access to social care services.

This cost would of course rise in the future, as a result of the ageing population, to a forecast £5.75bn in 2020/21.

It will be very interesting to see whether the government announces any emergency funding for adult social care services at cash-strapped local authorities in their Spring Budget next month.

In the meantime, obtaining quality care services funded by a local authority looks set to become even more challenging for those who most need it.