A lady called me earlier this week about care fees planning for her husband. During our conversation, she asked if the means testing threshold for local authority funded care was going to increase in April.

At the time, I didn't know the answer to her question as the figures had not yet been published. I told her to expect a freeze in the threshold this year, with central government and local authority both struggling to fund adult social care.

You only have to look at the drama at Surrey County Council this week - calling off their planned referendum to hike council tax by 15%, and then becoming embroiled in a leaked text message scandal during Prime Minister's Questions - to see how serious things have become.

As the week comes to an end, the Department of Health have now put out their local authority circular which confirms this freeze on thresholds and allowances in 2017/18.

There's more detail in my blog, including a link to the circular itself,