This morning I took another phone call from a lady referred by Surrey County Council. 

As a member of the Society of Later Life Advisers, we are often approached by individuals who do not qualify for local authority funding for their adult social care needs, and instead need independent financial advice.

In this particular instance, there was nothing I could suggest to help, other than point the lady in the direction of some local agencies who might be able to assist with the provision of much needed respite care for her husband.

It was therefore heartening to see news shortly afterwards of a new initiative being launched in Cranleigh by Age UK Surrey.

Café Culture is an opportunity for anyone aged over 50 to get together for a chat each week.

It takes place at Manns of Cranleigh Café every Wednesday from 2-4pm, starting on Wednesday 15th February 2017. No booking is needed and anyone aged 50 or over is welcome.

Whilst initiatives like this won't fix the adult social care funding crisis in Surrey, they do create a valuable opportunity to meet new people and build new friendships, tackling the very real problem of social isolation.