This is an interesting article from the Daily Mail, for several reasons.

It refers to the proposed 15% council tax hike from Surrey County Council, being put to a referendum later in the year, as they struggle to fund the rising cost of adult social care.

It also refers to a case of a lady (since deceased) who was living in a local authority care home (since closed) here in Cranleigh.

Being the Daily Mail, they have somehow managed to use photographs from Google Earth which are not the closed local authority care home, but a block of privately owned flats just down the road...

I'm not party to all of the details of this case, only going off what the Daily Mail report, which as the incorrect photos accompanying the article demonstrate can be a risky move.

But what they report suggests nothing nefarious on the part of Surrey County Council.

If you have assets exceeding £23,250 (in England) then you have to self-fund your own care, with some exceptions for certain types of assets and certain care needs.

Mrs Dewsnap reportedly had £39,518 in cash savings and therefore would not have qualified for local authority funding for adult social care.

Surrey County Council are therefore within their rights to investigate and apply through the courts to recover the cash.

What the Daily Mail is doing with their sensationalist headline is propagating some unhealthy myths about care fundings. 

To be fair though, Surrey County Council have made themselves an easy target with their ridiculous council tax hike proposals and seeming mismanagement of finances for adult social care funding.